Caring for and Respecting All Persons

Julie Casacchia
Jena Martin
Amy McCormick

EDTC 6965
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The administration and staff of the made-up school district strive to meet the needs of all students and families within the district. Each and every family in our district is made up of unique and special individuals, all with different needs and backgrounds. As a district, we feel it is of utmost importance to help families address any concerns that come their way. In order for the children, that we are so fortunate to come in contact with every day, to learn and achieve to their potential, they need feel safe and comfortable being themselves. Hoping to assist all families in our district, our goal is to provide a diverse list of resources addressing a wide variety of topics and needs. In no way will our list ever be complete, but we hope that you find these resources to be informational and helpful. Please feel free to contact the administration with any other suggestions you feel should be included in our site. We are thankful for your children and the daily joys we celebrate by serving this district.

The categories listed below indicate the different categories in which the school districts should communicate with teachers, school staff, administrators, and community to help understand the district's children.


Body - Height

Body - Weight

Gender Differences

Learning Styles

Mental Disabilities


Sexual Orientation

Special Education

Socio-Economic Status