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Questions for Teacher/Lesson Evaluation:
Please consider the following questions and email your answers to the professor
after all assignments have been submitted to the teacher and returned to you:

1. Was the website easy to navigate? Please describe any issues you may have had.

2. Were the selected websites understandable and helpful? Please describe if there
    were any you found to be confusing.

3. Was adequate background knowledge provided? Please describe what additional
    knowledge you would have found helpful.

4. Is it cleare how the material for each lesson ties together? Please describe what
    you found confusing if it did not clearly tie together.

5. Do you feel as though the objectives could be met using the information provided?
    Please describe what you feel would have been benificial if you did not feel as
    though you could meet the objectives.


Please contact us with any questions about our project, materials, or for permission to use any portion of the project.