EDTC 6985 – Portfolio in Educational Technology

Jena Martin
Spring 2012


1. Communicate, using technology, with peers about instructional activities that result in the benefit of student learners.
Microscope Website
, Professional Development Final

2. Communicate with other educational professionals about opportunities to learn or enhance technology-based instructional techniques that will result in the nurturing of student learning.
Microscope Website, Professional Development Final

3. Communicate, using technology, with other educational professionals in determining ways to enhance the instructional environment as a way of nurturing student learners.
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4. Communicate with education professionals concerning use of current research, curriculum-related methods and strategies, content standards, and technology standards when developing lessons and units of instruction.
Action Research Final

5. Communicate, using technology, with parents and the community information that will nurture students and their learning.
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6. Determine technology-based communication methods for communicating information to parents and the general community.
Technology Plan