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Uses In Society

Purpose: Hopefully you can appreciate what an amazing piece of technology we
have in the microscope. Now that you have a better understanding of the
capabilities of microscopes, you need to consider all of the ways they can be used to
benefit society. You have seen many different images throughout your exploration
thus far, so that should have given you some ideas. You will be examining some
preselected websites to provide you will additional examples. Your assessment for
this lesson will be to identify a current situation in which microscopes are used to
benefit society and write and submit a paper to the teacher. You will also share your
paper with the class through the wiki.


Using microscopes in society

Task 1: Please use the pictures on this page to access resources to help you identify additional ways microscopes can be used to
benefit society.

Assessment: For this lesson, you will be researching and reporting on how microscopes are used to benefit society. You need to
focus on one specific way they help society rather than the general benefits. You will need to include the type of microscope, explain
what it is used for in the selected situation, explain how it benefits society in the selected situation, explain why that particular use
appealed to you, and document your resources. You will be evaluated on the presence of these components, the clarity of the
explanations, accuracy of the information, spelling, and grammar. This document will be emailed to the teacher.

Community: After the completion of your paper, you will attach your paper to the class wiki. You will be responsible for reading
another classmate’s paper and posting a comment that contains one positive comment and one constructive suggestion.

Please contact us with any questions about our project, materials, or for permission to use any portion of the project.

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