Genetics: A Subject Sampler
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Date Last Revised: October 10, 2010

Grade 10, Biology


Welcome to the Genetic Subject Sampler. The purpose of this sampler is to become more familiar with genetics and it's processes. As a learner, you will explore Gregor Mendel and what he has contributed to the world of genetics. You will then learn more about cloning and genetic engineering. Finally, you will answer a series of questions regarding your feelings towards these subjects.

Information about Gregor Mendel
Image of Gregor Mendel



1. What types of procedures did Mendel use when studying about inheritance patterns?

2. Do you think it was difficult for Mendel to think outside the box and discover where genes came from?

3. Would you be able to do what Mendel did?





1. How do scientists perform the task of cloning?

2. How do you feel about the process of cloning?

3. Do you think it is beneficial or harmful to clone animals? Why?


Image of Dolly

Genetic Engineering



1. What is Genetic Engineering?

2. What types of foods are genetically engineered?

3. Do you genetically engineer any plants or animals on your farm? If so, what? If not, would you consider using genetic engineering?

4. Is genetic engineering food positive or negative for our society? Why?