EDTC 6940
Jena Martin
Fall 2010


Zerobio Critique
Zerobio Narrative
Web Page Narrative
Web Page Critique
Biology in Motion Narrative

Overall Design
The overall appearance of the website is upbeat, colorful, and appealing. The title at the top of the page catches the attention of the reader, as it is very large and attractive. The information on this website is predominately static, with a variety of interactive activities. The colors used by the author are complementary to biology and flow with the activities being taught, which is very appealing. Pictures are included to grab the attention of the viewer towards different subject areas. The alignment of the different topics in the website creates an organized and balanced feel. The target audience is also clearly defined by the title on the page and also by the different topics covered throughout the website.
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There is an element of contrast that is acquired with a dark green background with a light layer, which contains all of the activities, on top. The objects are in close proximity due to the heading of each activity being right above the activity itself. The white box in the center of the green creates contrast and allows for the words to be easily seen.  The user’s eye is focused in the center of the page first because the white box stands out against the green background color. Each activity the user chooses has the same green and white combination, creating a sense of repetition throughout the entire website.
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On the home page, each topic has a link to click on, which will navigate to an activity. These links are large and easy to locate on the page. Furthermore, the links describe the activity that the viewer will complete.  Once the viewer chooses a topic to discover, the navigation buttons are found at the top of the page.  Also on the home page, there is a box to the left of the page which gives links to information about the author, a welcome page, and tips for teachers.
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Web Site Elements
The website clearly states how to contact the designer in the box on the left side of the screen, entitled “about me”. On this page, the designer tells information about their background and other websites they have created. Furthermore, the creator included a box where the viewer may type their email and comments for the author. The copyright information is located at the bottom of the home page, which is easy to locate. The home page clearly sets up the web site with all of the topics being located under the title. These elements are very straightforward and organized for the viewer to see. There is a small picture accompanied by a play button, which links to the activity.
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Image of Biology in Motion
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