EDTC 6940
Jena Martin
Fall 2010

Biology in Motion Critique
Biology in Motion Narrative
Web Page Narrative
Web Page Critique
ZeroBio Web Page Narrative

Overall Design
The overall appearance of the website is very professional. The information on website has the appearance of being on a clipboard, which draws the attention of the reader from the start. The title is very large, which allows it to stand out against the rest of the website elements. The information on this website is mostly static, with links which have interactive activities. The colors used by the author are more neutral and do not stick out as overwhelming. The introduction on the home page is very informative, and tells exactly what the website entails.
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There is a great contrast between the dark gray background and the white clipboard in the center of the page, creating a layered look. The objects on the pages are in close proximity because the headings for each game are directly above the description with no spaces added. There is great contrast in the website due to the dark gray and white color choices, which makes the words stand out. The user’s attention is drawn to the center of the page first because of the white color on the clipboard, then to the menu on each side of the title. When a user chooses an activity, the new page is the same clipboard design, which creates repetition amongst the website pages.
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Located on every page is a set of buttons, which navigate to other pages within the website. These links are italicized and easy to locate on the top of page. Each link has a rollover animation, which allows the reader to know which link they will be going to visit. Each new page the reader visits has different activities they can become involved in.
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Web Site Elements
The website clearly states how to contact the designer in the very first link at the top of the page, entitled “about zeroBio”. On this page, the designer tells information about what you can find on this website, and what computer requirements are needed in order to engage in all of the activities. Furthermore, the creator included a link, which when clicked on pops up a separate window with all of the contact information for the author. The copyright information is located at the bottom of all of the pages, which is easy to locate. The home page clearly sets up the web site due to the introduction being so extensive and direct.
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Image of Zerobio
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